Zamboni Pred 2 urami
ummm our minds do that because that’s when we are most fertile
monica sayers
monica sayers Pred 2 urami
Love the new studio, much better than the cave
sorff Pred 2 urami
I did not know what i was geting into 2 a day ago so why did i not delete stuff
vibe Pred 2 urami
he kinda looks like nick crompton and pyrocynical
Epoxzy Pred 2 urami
wait these guys made this song?
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Pred 2 urami
The people cody says noel looks like is insulting
Emily Pred 2 urami
bro i was getting weird like jealousy vibes from the white girl towards her dad and her step mom
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Pred 2 urami
Why this bump so hard
PeggymoeXD Pred 2 urami
That lady with the glasses looks like Chicken Little's obnoxious aunt that is only tolerable because she slips you $20 when she comes over
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Pred 2 urami
Are the people who are writing these watching these videos I really hope so
Dulce Linden
Dulce Linden Pred 3 urami
The ace family thing was a scam anyways , so it’s a good thing you didn’t spend the $
PeeDukeySalmon Pred 3 urami
that end part was more inspiring than any of the farts
Mollie Keller
Mollie Keller Pred 3 urami
waynes world who-
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Pred 3 urami
My mom and dad are the billions of tabs open
prodbygramz Pred 3 urami
11:24 best part
Dunk. Pred 3 urami
goldfish are s+ nobody can tell me different
Lexi Uhrin
Lexi Uhrin Pred 3 urami
CEO of "I'll do this on a *insert noun here* ALL DAY"
Dulce Linden
Dulce Linden Pred 3 urami
One day when these kids these SLpost money hungry parents are using will grow up and realize that it was wrong they will speak up about it and family blogs won’t be normalized anymore and their “ Careers “ will be ruined. I’ll wait
depression with skylar
depression with skylar Pred 3 urami
who cares if she’s a puppy, i’m more concerned about the fact that he’s a scammer and a misogynist and shouldn’t be a dom lmao
Unripe Tomato
Unripe Tomato Pred 3 urami
i read a comment yesterday telling me to watch Cody when high. i can confirm that you should watch Cody when high.
Bryn Anderson
Bryn Anderson Pred 3 urami
Greatest Cody ko video ever
aaren chavez
aaren chavez Pred 3 urami
Pepper spray is gonna be a new investment of mine
Carrie Payne
Carrie Payne Pred 3 urami
i was the 500 thumbs down
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Pred 3 urami
So did anyone guess right?
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Pred 3 urami
Wtf does this girl think being a grandparent is about... Who's grandma is like " all right gather round kids grammys gonna tell you about the time I got stuffed by an E celeb" 🤣
Franchesca Marie
Franchesca Marie Pred 3 urami
What the fuck cut🥺✋
Jazmine Quail
Jazmine Quail Pred 3 urami
Am I the only one who thought “eww they didn’t clean the chicken”😂😭????
Dulce Linden
Dulce Linden Pred 3 urami
It’s very obvious they do it only for show and the money, he proves it himself by even scamming the women lmao
Jared Fortin
Jared Fortin Pred 3 urami
Dude Cody's toddler run of excitement had me dying
Tomo Pred 3 urami
Why does this Cody remind me of Adam DeMamp from Workaholics?....
LattleToast Pred 3 urami
the dog joke was the pinnacle of my life
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee Pred 3 urami
now i dont even watch the cut videos on their channel I wait to watch them with cody
Bella Genuario
Bella Genuario Pred 3 urami
the snapchat show is called “phone swap” cody
Nick Rougas
Nick Rougas Pred 3 urami
I like Cody and Kelsey, but I miss noel Miller and Cody Kos that cringe videos
LV. 20
LV. 20 Pred 4 urami
9:23 Here you go
Alexandra Kilbert
Alexandra Kilbert Pred 4 urami
Please just cut your hair
Dorian McLean
Dorian McLean Pred 4 urami
Sonni should of won she tryna pay 24,000 for mental health therapy or whatever she wanted
Nathan Lamb
Nathan Lamb Pred 4 urami
Your reaction videos fucking suck and they’re boring as hell holy shit
ClassifiedM96 Pred 4 urami
This is the perfect example of a guy feeling like his ego was attacked and immediately becoming defensive in the worst possible way
Terra Pred 4 urami
Wanted to know what Cody was drinking, looked it up, liquid death is canned mountain water lmao this man bougie asf these days
Kay Pred 4 urami
Besides the fact that no one should be asking these questions, the even more messed up thing is that most of these women are drunk and the interviewers are not. And that’s the whole plan. It’s sickening.
Lopsided Pred 4 urami
I feel like she’s going get long term knee issues
Thatsimmer Pred 4 urami
The dog is just vibes
Tyden Cruze
Tyden Cruze Pred 4 urami
14:04 Ion think he was surprised by the message guys
Justin Hundt
Justin Hundt Pred 4 urami
Cody, deodorant stops the smell, anti-perspirant stops sweating. They need anti-perspirant. yea, i totally became that guy
gabriel hernandez
gabriel hernandez Pred 4 urami
"I dont know, I dont know, you know?"-cody 2021
jacob nunemacher
jacob nunemacher Pred 4 urami
Dude the last joke had me weak as fuck man 😂
aaren chavez
aaren chavez Pred 4 urami
New drinking game take a shot every time he says all day
Abigail Lesage
Abigail Lesage Pred 4 urami
cody why do you have three rugs? and why the overlap?
Miles Scherer
Miles Scherer Pred 4 urami
Do one with NOAH
Avery Correa
Avery Correa Pred 4 urami
Major Alex
Major Alex Pred 4 urami
The V
The V Pred 4 urami
Throwback to when cody was single and having his whiteboy summer
6:47 This is the face of a guy who laces your vape with medieval diseases
Jacob Schantz
Jacob Schantz Pred 4 urami
My favorite thing is that Cody is remembering every set of parent-child and the details. Our old man is not delusional.
Zoe W
Zoe W Pred 4 urami
lol prime example of a man being intimated by a confident woman lol
Skyla Amundsen
Skyla Amundsen Pred 4 urami
I'm very positive that Cody has the highest like-dislike ratio of all youtubers. Definitely one of the highest if not.
Jordane Payne
Jordane Payne Pred 4 urami
dude literally has on a 300 dollar belt and 750 dollar Balenciaga's like my guys is set he should have came out first
Lily Norman
Lily Norman Pred 4 urami
i love you too cody
Mckenna Carlson
Mckenna Carlson Pred 4 urami
i wouldve chosen the last girl, i love jack herrer, and i cant remember the last question
Family Account Gilbert
Family Account Gilbert Pred 4 urami
Dhar Mann is a master at making a bitch character
abigail inferno
abigail inferno Pred 4 urami
cody you look like quentin from the magicians
joely Pred 4 urami
I thought of a star jump no cap
etteloc2 Pred 4 urami
Am I the only one who thought that lady was Katy perry?
Shayne Pred 4 urami
So no ones gonna talk about the cute teen pounded in the living room search or
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Pred 5 urami
I would assume it's like long distance type relationships, constantly till marriage
T.U.F Pred 5 urami
6:07 & 7:46 made me laugh so hard😂😂😂 and 13:36 so what if your insecure? your still a fucking weirdo
Kathryn Crowley
Kathryn Crowley Pred 5 urami
I just looked at some of Emily’s‘s recent post and man the comments have gotten even weirder now that she had a baby
Green Goddess Asmr
Green Goddess Asmr Pred 5 urami
The quality of this video is amazing. Just me lmfao
Momo Abels
Momo Abels Pred 5 urami
Cody’s hair is looking sooo good and like soft. It’s a beautiful mane
broadway rogue
broadway rogue Pred 5 urami
Oh god the toxic family was war flash backs
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Pred 5 urami
That same Rivers kid was still there for the picture with the girl lol
Bubbijs Pred 5 urami
The minute of the dog barking every time Cody tried to talk LMAO
I can imagine him eating a salad made of book pages and his voice over just saying "KNOWLEDGE!"
erusantte Pred 5 urami
I died of laughing when they started copycatting the tattoo artist's sad face.
Beverly Fuerte
Beverly Fuerte Pred 5 urami
Their parents are so cute
Jordan Peisner
Jordan Peisner Pred 5 urami
Glad this just got recommended to me 5 years later
Sofia Delgado
Sofia Delgado Pred 5 urami
Lmfao the white dad said in the email that HES sad bc Trump was voted out of office
Kyler Smith
Kyler Smith Pred 5 urami
Yeah but then the VPN company has your history and can also sell it...
Alicia H
Alicia H Pred 5 urami
How does this have any dislikes? And why does that trigger me? 🤣 Like, y'all hate joy? laughing? fun times? Yikes. Wow. Jeeze. Way to be like that. Ugh. 🤣